The Human CRM

Zefyr surfaces insights about the people, companies, and customers you're
emailing to help you sell more.
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Does your research

Zefyr finds more about the people you correspond with and builds insightful profiles for them.

Surfaces Opportunities

We'll analyze your contacts and the things they share to surface engagement opportunities.

Shared Contacts

Easily create shared groups for your team to tackle goals together. It's never been easier to prospect as a team.

Find an Email

Person Search

Lookup anyone using their name and the company in which they work. We'll do some heavy lifting for you and pull up their email, social profiles and more about the company.

Person search is also great for building lists of prospects you haven't talked to before.

Syncs with your Email

When you email new and existing contacts, Zefyr automatically compiles a detailed profile of the individual, their company and it's vitals.

Zefyr does the research for you, so you can move on to more important things.

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Basic CRM

Five insights every morning

Zefyr examines your correspondence and compares it to its research to surface a list of insights we think you should act on every morning. From identifying people you're waiting on for a response, to companies mentioned in the news.

Think of Zefyr as your first stop every morning to see what is on the agenda for the day.

Track deals with Pipelines

Create deal cards out of your contacts and companies to track your progress.

Zefyr will tell you how long it's taking you on average to close a deal and your future likelihood of closing other deals like it.

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